About this project

What is this?

The NSF patent project tracks patent generated from NSF sponsored research. We extracted patent that grew out of NSF sponsored research, correlated them back to the orignal NSF grant. The result is presented here.

Who built it?

This is a Code for Nova, a Code for America Brigade, project.

The web site was developed by TJHSST students, Kyle Zhou, Derek Zhou, and Joie Wang. Randy Hill (NSF), Robin Clay (NSF), and Michelle Koeth (Code for NoVA) sponsored the project. Michelle Koeth, Kevin Burleigh and Alex Hirschberg performed data extraction. Joe Zhou is the mentor of the TJHSST team.Matthew Gallagher (Code for NoVA) provided hosting.

Where did you get your data from?

All of our data came from public sources.

The web site is currently in beta and will be enhanced over time.

What did you use to build it?

This site is built with PHP, MySQL and Hicharts. Web theme is courtesy of ChicagoLobbist by Open City

Contact us

If you have any comments, questions or feature suggestions, you can email us at nsf.patent@gmail.com.